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I’ve always found there to be something triumphant about looking like you live effortlessly above your means without actually fucking up your budget. It’s not about looking like I have it all together, though occasionally that’s a nice side effect, clearly I’m not shy about admitting I have none of my shit together. The feeling stems from that little voice of rebellion screaming fuck you! from the core of my soul.

I was told once, and then a million times after, that I too could have an idyllic life filled with financial security, luxury items and the shiny trappings of success if only I commit to a life of robotic drudgery and unasked questions.

Of course, this was before financial security became a luxury item and I realised that mainstream society and I have profoundly differing definitions of success. Though in truth that’s not a bargain I ever saw worth making.

I was told (by the same person) that I had ‘champagne tastes on a beer budget’, at the time my response was something insouciant to the effect of hating beer. Now, while I still hate beer, my response is more to the style of questioning their optimism regarding my financial viability, with the added flavour of Challenge Accepted.

Hedonist that I am, I’ve accepted that they were half right.

I do have a deep and enduring addiction to glamour and luxury.

I do suffer from a from a definite disconnect between the lifestyle I want and the one I can viably sustain.

Or at least I did… right up until I realised my art wasn’t the only place I could demand creative control.

Thus began my quest for fierce frugality and this segment in which I share my bargain & upcycling victories because I don’t know a single millennial who isn’t at least a little stressed about money.

(This segment is still a little empty, I will get my shit together at some point.)

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