Cookie & Crownies – Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Brownies

So, to give context to how this velvety, delicious mess came into existence, it was like 9pm on a Tuesday night and I had the following…
  • A very serious chocolate craving.
  • An equally serious cheesecake craving.
  • A steadily growing case of the munchies.
  • A box of Greens brownie mix.
  • A tub of cream cheese.
  • The basic necessities you’d expect in someone’s kitchen.
  • R displaying a genuine willingness to run across to the shops if that mission ended with dessert.
Thus came into creation this fudgy, creamy, ultra satisfying dessert that can (but probably shouldn’t) be made in an hour for less than $10 (assuming you already have a few basics).
Full credit to R for the name, it was his first suggestion when I asked for one and I kinda love it.


Brownie layer.

1 box of Brownie mix – if you don’t have brownie mix, it’s basically just flour, sugar (I like brown but any will work) & cocoa.
2 eggs
80g of butter – I prefer salted (& usually also green) but I doubt it makes much difference here.

(Find links to my fave cannabutter recipes on my Pinterest)

Cookies and cream cheesecake layer.

1 250g tub of cream cheese
200ml of thickened/pouring cream
1-2 packets of Oreos/generic choc cookies

(I usually use the 99c choc creams but my local IGA was out so R just grabbed the real thing, this made no difference. They taste basically identical and I always recommend going with the generic store brand/cheapest option for obvious reasons.)

1pk vanilla instant pudding mix
Optional splash/slurp of vanilla essence, I like a little extra flavour but it’s up to you.


Mix eggs and melted butter with brownie mix, pour your batter into a baking dish that’ll leave room after rising for your cheesecake layer, and bake them at 180*C for about 30mins.

(I used ice packs and then put the whole dish in the freezer to speed up this process because I had the munchies like a bitch. This is not my recommendation, letting them cool naturally is a much better idea, but they were still nom af!)

Let them cool…



I bought my stand mixer at Kmart like $30 and I love it fiercely, if you bake/cook often then I 100% suggest considering investing in one of your own if you haven’t already.


Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Layer

Mix the cream, cheese and vanilla essence.
Put 1 packet of your cookies in a ziplock baggie, wrap it in a tea towel and bash it with the solid hitting implement of your preference. I used a rolling pin but dealers choice.
With your mixer on low/while stirring slowly add your cookie crumbs and pudding powder and mix until it all seems pretty well blended.
I actually might have added a bit of icing sugar here but I don’t remember, whatevs… just taste it and sweeten if necessary.

Spread your cheesecake layer over your brownies and top with more crushed cookies (and sprinkles if they’re your thing) and then let them set in the fridge for 30mins.

Warning! These do not come neatly out of the dish!
Potentially this wouldn’t be the case if I’d let them set for longer.

Note: R just asked if there was a way to make the cheesecake layer more solid, my answer was patience. If anyone tries these I’d love to know if I’m right or if the recipe needs tweaking

Garnish with leftover cookies, serve with ice cream, or just eat them out of the pan.
Happy eating!

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